Marketing and SEO for Crypto and NFT projects is very competitive and difficult to do now. Hire someone who not only is experienced with marketing and SEO, but who has been in the Crypto and NFT space for years.

We know what makes a good NFT and Crypto marketing campaign, we have seen, and invested, in hundreds of projects throughout our years in the space. Utility alone doesn't cut it anymore, investors are looking for way more.

Whether you are a new project or a solid established brand, we can help push you along, raise floor price (or token price) and increase in value. We are not just a full fleged marketing agency, we are a web 3.0 consultant and active investors. Web 3 is our passion and our ultimate goal is to go all in on web 3.

  • NFTs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain or Smart Contracts

We help NFT projects as well as Cryptocurrencies, blockchains, or projects built on top of blockchains and smart contracts. We have been in the space for 3+ years and are active on Crypto twitter, various Discords, and Telegram groups.

Cryptocurrency projects are difficult to market. People have seen the current tactics and are not impressed. Copying other projects success won't necessarily work for you.

We then note down all of the keywords, locations, browser/OS data, demographic data, and more of the person searching. This allows us to have a total picture of the searches.

Our next step is to analyze all of the data to ensure we get your SEO and Marketing campaign right.

We then create a plan with a checklist that gives an overall strategy and step by step action you need to take.

We plan our action, how the changes will be implemented and when. We then give you a timeline. This is basically the who, what, when, where.

If you hire us to do your SEO and marketing for your NFT or Crypto project, here we would implement the changes to your website, social media pages, and other online presence.

We also implement analytics and monitoring tools to make the subjective changes, objective in nature.

We then montior the progress objectively and periodically share data, this usually happens at 2 week intervals depending on the difficulty of the industry/keywords.

Traditional marketing and SEO for cryptocurrency projects and NFT projects isn't that effective anymore. Those in this space are more technically inclined and more aware of old marketing techniques. Being an NFT project or crypto project means that you need to think out of the box. We have seen and helped many projects market their coin or token and be successful.

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